Cheri Maracle is a multi-award nominated Haudenosaunee/Irish Actress, Singer, Playwright and Host, of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She has been performing on stages across Turtle Island and abroad for over 25 years and has many tv, stage, and music credits to her name. Please see her IMDb for a list of credits. Cheri’s work as an Actress and Singer has taken her to England, Norway, Germany, India, & The United States, and she has toured all over Canada as well.
Cheri’s musical beginnings were in Handdrum music, and Cheri was part of group Tiyoweh, for years, before launching her own music career. She has penned two original music albums, Closer to Home, and If I Am Water before recording a Jazz album, Ache of Love. All can be found on iTunes. Cheri has performed at multiple music festivals over the years, and continues to perform hand drum music with M’Girl, and as a duo as well with her sister, Sheila Maracle.
Cheri recently re-located to Vancouver, where she lives with her cat, George.